JULY 2015
Placement Training was conducted for the benefit of final year and pre-final year students during 11th - 12th & 25th - 26th, July 2015. The 4 days of training gave an overall view over metallurgy subjects like metal forming, casting, physical metallurgy, welding, corrosion, heat treatment.

The preliminary test and Quiz for nominating the teams from Coimbatore chapter for Prof Brahm Prakash Memorial Material Quiz was organized on 22nd August 2015. About 60 teams from 11 Schools in and around Coimbatore participated in the preliminary Test. Dr J Krishnamoorthi, Assistant Professor, Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Secretary of the Indian Institute of Metals, Coimbatore chapter, welcomed the participants. 5 teams were short listed for the quiz based on the preliminary test. The quiz was conducted by Mr.S.Anandan, Faculty, Department of Metallurgical Engg. The finalists were congratulated and were awarded with prizes.

A workshop on “Advanced Material Characterisation” was conducted in association with Metallurgical Engineering Association on 13th of February 2016. The topics covered were “ Case Studies on Microstructural Characterization” , “Texture and Characterisation”, “High Temperature Characterisation”, and “Electron Microscopy “ by Dr.P.Parameshwaran, IGCAR, Dr.P.Ramesh Narayanan and Dr.P.Shankar respectively. About 130 students attended the workship.
A guest lecture on “Localized Corrosion of Duplex Stainless Steel” was arranged on 15th of February 2016. The lecture was delivered by Dr. V.S. Raja, Department of Metallurgical engineering and Material Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. About 120 participants attended the lecture.
A guest lecture on “Optimizing Welding Processes Through Physical Simulation” was arranged in association with the Metallurgical Engineering Association (MTEA) on 17th of February 2016. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Fulvio Siciliano, Senior Application Consultant, Dynamic Systems Inc. About 120 participants attended this lecture.

MARCH 2016
WOOTZ’7 , a National level technical symposium conducted by The Indian Institute of Metals, Coimbatore Chapter in association with Metallurgical Engineering Association, PSG Tech. It’s been conducted for the past 6 years. WOOTZ’7 was conducted on 19th and 20th of March, 2016. Dr.Nithyanandan Devaraaj, President and Director, Bradken India (P) Limited inaugurated the symposium. A total of 10 technical events were conducted apart from a workshop on Advanced Casting Techniques delivered by serious of chief guests namely:
  • Mr.S.Sivakumar, Factory manager, Bradken (P)
  • Mr.S.Saravanan, General Manger, Indo Shell Cast (P) Ltd
  • Dr.K.R.Ravi, Associate Professor, PSG IAS
  • Mr.Saravanakumar, Metallurgical Professionals>
  • Mr.Sathyamoorthy, Vice President- Foundry, Aquasub Engineering
Technical events includes Metaux-Paper presentation, Roll out- Poster presentation, Probe into the prob, Cull out, Metly wizard, Metallography, Root a bug, E-cast, Technical debate and Met-moments. Around 90 students from all the years of BE Metallurgical Engineering and 15 faculty members of Department of metallurgy lent their hands for conducting the events in a very smooth manner. Mr.R.Raseem Ahmed, Secretary, Metallurgical Engineering Association and Mr.K.Nagarajan, Secretary, The Indian Institute of Metals - Students Affiliated Chapter co-ordinated the symposium.